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No longer a wallflower

by Healthy recipes 6 days ago in surreal poetry

Don't fall behind the clouds

No longer a wallflower
Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash

My darling, don't fall behind the clouds

Don't hide behind the curtain

Be bold

Fly my friend, fly

Be multicolored, don't fear

Be blissful, don't cry

Stand on the mantle and scream

Let your lungs fill with air and scream

There is nothing left to say but say it anyway

There are no more words left to speak just flow

Adorn your frame with the boldest of prints

Be visible, don't shy away

Be inspired, don't sit in silence

Be audible, you deserve a voice

Let it flow


Don't hide behind the clouds

Don't shy away


Don't shy away


surreal poetry

Healthy recipes

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