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No Answers

by Paul Combs 8 days ago in sad poetry

Only Endless Questions

No Answers
Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

We fill our days

Count the hours

Waste the minutes

No rest

We study for years

Plead desperately for help

Make bargains with fools

No deal

We meditate on the ether

Pray to silent gods

Press onward, ever onward

No enlightenment

Since man first took breath

The questions have come

In the light, in the dark

No escape

Why am I here

Where am I going

What comes after

No answer

Still we ask

An unending search

The same questions

No relief

This is who we are

Seekers, searchers, pilgrims

Never, ever to grasp

We are not meant to know

sad poetry
Paul Combs
Paul Combs
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Paul Combs

I’m a writer, podcaster, and bookseller whose ultimate goal (besides being a roadie for the E Street Band) is to make reading, writing, and books in general as popular in Texas as high school football. It may take a while.

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