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Nighttime Musings

around the fire

Nighttime Musings
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Around the Fire

As the smoke of the fire

curls toward the moon,

I find myself lost in the beauty

of her smile.

The way her lips curl into her cheeks,

her eyes bright as the moon,

And when she speaks, her voice

wraps around me like the soft

breeze of an autumn night.

Then, the silence between us--

like the stars--shows me how

important the quiet, calm

moments are.

My musings at 2 am

It's a time for





It's a time for people

like me.

The few precious moments

of the day when

The world is still and quiet--

No bustling about to interrupt

My thoughts,

My dreams,

My hopes.

It's a time for me to lay,

hand behind my head,

safe under the blankets,

And ponder...

performance poetry
KJ Hart
KJ Hart
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KJ Hart

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