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A Poem About Night.

By Linda MarryPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

The night, a mystery, in its veil of darkness

A time of peace, in a world of starkness

The moon and stars, shining up high

A guiding light, in the midnight sky

The stillness of the night, so calm and so pure

A time for reflection, on what was and what's in store

A moment to escape, from the rush of the day

And simply be still, in its quiet, peaceful way

The sounds of the night, a symphony divine

The hoot of an owl, the rustle of the vine

The whisper of the wind, a gentle lullaby

A peaceful serenade, to a world that's gone by

The night, a canvas, for the stars to paint

A masterpiece, with colors so faint

A breathtaking view, of the universe untold

A story waiting to be told

So let us embrace, the night and its charm

And be grateful, for its peaceful calm

For in its stillness, we find our peace

And the night, our refuge, will never cease.


About the Creator

Linda Marry

Love Poems (fiction :)

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    Linda MarryWritten by Linda Marry

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