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by Mark (Mitch) Weil 2 months ago in sad poetry
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Waking Up Anxious

Photo by Marc Pineda on Unsplash

A crash like thunder

Echoes through your head

Cleaves your skull

Down to your tailbone

Body jerks

Hands fly up in defense

Covering sightless eyes

Limbs flail in their bondage

Struggling with desperate strength

And yet not moving

Brain mired in shock and thoughts

But floats as if set free

Trying to make sense

Of what’s happened

Your thoughts flicker

Fast as lightning strikes

Why can’t I move?

Why can’t I see?

What just attacked

Thrust with sound

Right into the core

Of my being?

Terror sets in

Even as extremities

Regain their strength

And heave

Breaking free of


Confusion and understanding

An odd mix

That somehow makes sense

Cognitive function takes over

And your body flings itself

Toward the light switch

Neck twisting to survey

As soon as sight returns

To your eyes

Emptiness is received

No evidence of a threat

That seems so imminent

Nothing out of place

To explain the sound

That so took over

Your sleeping body

Drowsiness grips you yet again

As adrenaline fades

But you can’t shake

This terrible feeling

That something is off

Something lurks in the darkness

Waiting for you

To let your guard down again


After much tossing and turning

After you feel

Like you might fall apart

You drift off once more

Comforted within the warm

Brightness of a


sad poetry

About the author

Mark (Mitch) Weil

I am an aspiring author, both in the novel and short story genres. I have loved books and reading my entire life, and look forward to creating the same awe and wonder in readers that other authors have done for me over the years.

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