New Shoes

by Destiny Ruiz 5 months ago in sad poetry

A Poem? Me Expressing Myself

New Shoes

My new pair of shoes.

What do you do when you feel down, depressed, or like shit?

Try to make yourself feel better?

Do you go out with your friends?

Talk to your family?

Maybe curl in a ball in the corner of your room hoping one day those feelings will go away.

Maybe I'm odd but.

I buy shoes.

I look through all the shoes, choosing the ones that express my personality. I take pride in the shoes that I buy because every time I wear those shoes they make me feel independent, strong, and cute.

People that see me walking on the street might think, they're just a pair of shoes that I put on my feet, to get from point A to point B. But their not, they mean so much more to me.

These shoes make me feel good they have a story behind them that only I know. Like someone that buys a puppy to replace the missing piece in their heart when they're family dog passes away,

when I buy shoes I buy them to fill in a missing piece.

I love my new shoes.

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