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New Scars

by Holly Morningstar about a year ago in sad poetry
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A Poem by Holly Morningstar

The Crying Pool, drawn by Holly Morningstar

Tree Houses and Old Cigars;

Got nothing to show you, but new scars.

It’s not easy, it’s not what we thought;

But a whole lot of nothing and everything’s what we got.

I can’t help it if I’m coming home;

Because it’s hard to be together, but it’s harder alone.

I can see it, coming round the bend;

It’s the distance between what we know and we pretend.

I can feel it, I can taste it on the wind;

There’s a fantasy tomorrow and today’s where we begin.

If I make it to the great beyond,

I’ll send word with the angels to the people I’ve been fond.

"Tell them kindly, it’s alright to carry on;

I’m still here in my heart, though my body is gone."

It’s not over, not ‘til we’ve forgot

How this all started and how memories rot.

Tree Houses and Old Cigars;

Got nothing to show you, but new scars.

sad poetry

About the author

Holly Morningstar

Dare I dream of a world where creativity does not illustrate the thoughts, ideas and dreams of the individual across the sea of the united, so its lessons, ponderings and wonders may not colour the many-shaded greys of an artless world?

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