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New Horizons

by Kate Grafton 12 months ago in nature poetry
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The Way Finders

New Horizons
Photo by Thomas Bonometti on Unsplash

The woods were calm and quiet.

Bugs chirping and buzzed in all directions.

Howling broke the peace, causing a riot.

The howls spread in many different sections.

Their paws thundered on the ground,

Feeling the wind brush through their fur.

Every wolf signaled their spot with a long sound.

All running in a fast blur.

The pack gathered together

Where the waters thundered.

For some, a new life was wondered.

A life where one could roam free.

Exploring for new ways to survive.

To go beyond the woods to the sea.

Two brothers set forth for a change.

Side by side, protecting the other.

Soon finding a new land so wonderfully strange.

They thrived in their new home.

And others soon joined the new pack.

Paving the way for those looking for a new track.

nature poetry

About the author

Kate Grafton

I love writing poetry and fantasy stories. In high school I wrote my first novella and continue to write more.

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