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New form of therapy


By esther hopePublished 4 months ago 1 min read

I was a writer back in high school,

probably because I preferred books and my journal over people.

after high school I discovered a new side of me

I didn't know I liked being around people,

I didn't know I liked parties or anything of the sort.

turns out I did, I just needed the right company.

people I could relate to,

I found new hobbies, so I stopped writing.

then I lost my dad

I didn't see that coming, but I guess that's how death is,

you never see it coming.

I had fleeting moment with him.

memories so little, yet so lingering in my heart

I loved him, more than he'd ever know,

I did not want my heart to forget,

so I wrote about him.

time and time again,

each time some weight lifted off my chest.

I used to write in tears, now with a smile.

it went from pain to peace,

now I can't stop,

I found a new form of therapy.


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Comments (1)

  • Ruth Elizabeth Stiff4 months ago

    It is so true, writing is a good therapy, especially for the mind, thankyou for sharing xx

EHWritten by esther hope

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