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by Paul whiddon 2 months ago in nature poetry · updated 2 months ago
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The land of magic

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

This is a poem about the world in which several of my future short stories and novels take place. Some of these stories intertwine and others stand alone. I would truly appreciate any feedback on this poem or the idea of having multiple storylines take place in the same world. I hope you enjoy the introduction to Nevaeh, the land of magic. I look forward to bringing you more stories from the land of my imagination in the near future.

By Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Magic once enchanted earth, made from creator’s sand.

Beings of magic once roamed freely, as to his plan.

Till magic took creation unto its own hand.

The creator sent man to cleanse all his lands

Man was ruthless set forth to make land, magic free.

The beings of magic their bloodlust would seek.

They swung from the gallows; or heads rolled with blades so sleek.

Hearts stabbed with stakes, and fires set at their feet.

The beings of magic all gathered one night.

Concocted a plan to make a new land hidden from sight.

Each to have their own ferries, demons, mermaids, and all beings alike.

Where magic roams free, hidden from mankind.

What shall we call it here moving forward?

What should we name her, let us all think?

Land of love, magic, and peace. Heaven spelled backward.

Nevaeh it is, and it harm none, so mote it be.

By Yogi Misir on Unsplash

Each race to have a land of own, to live in peace.

A land full of islands, sprinkled in seas.

A canvas of green to create as they please.

Landscapes, flowers, wildlife with plenty to eat.

Man was never meant to inhabit our broad.

But some beings grew fond of humans for food.

They brought man to the new land because they taste good

with their place here well understood.

As was meant to be by its creator’s hands.

Nevaeh bless magic with its own lands.

Kept in control from destruction of man.

Each being race crafts their homes, from the seas to the sands.

By Cederic Vandenberghe on Unsplash

Thank you for reading!!!

I sincerely hope you will check out some of my previously posted stories that take place in the land of Nevaeh. Also please feel free to leave feedback on this and any of the stories I publish on vocal.

Other stories from Nevaeh: Victor and the sea kings, The witch of Barnett(parts 1 &2)

These were all stories that started out being for vocal challenges with prompts and word limits and may be added to and further edited overtime.

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