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The mother of our souls.

By Maja KobylińskaPublished 18 days ago 1 min read

Sometimes I’d like to know,

How do the birds feel,

When they’re up in the skies,

And everything seems surreal.

I imagine myself as a fish,

Swimming deep in the ocean,

Careless about the rumble,

Becouse water silences all commotion.

And somehow I ended up human,

Maybe to write a story,

Yet somehow everyday I find myself,

Struggling to say „sorry”.

To say sorry to the girl,

That has been living in my heart,

Becouse I know deep down,

That her soul is being torn apart.

All beautiful flowers,

Must one day come to die,

However they still look beautiful,

And symbolise all that’s nice.

Maybe if I had just one wish,

And could use it for anything,

I’d wish to have a mindset of a flower,

Even if it meant I could never sing.

Becouse flowers are careless,

About the flow of time,

They care about presence,

Unlike the soul of mine.

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About the Creator

Maja Kobylińska

I'm a teenager, who's eager to help others by sharing my perspective of the world. My idea of clarity in one's mind is to understand the inner voice, that's sometimes afraid to stand up and speak up for itself.

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