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Nature's Wondrous Beauty

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By SANJAI Published 7 months ago 1 min read

In nature's realm, where the wild things grow,

The earth awakens with a gentle glow,

And all around, a symphony of life,

With sweet melodies that calm all strife.

The trees stand tall, with branches outstretched,

Their leaves a flutter, by the wind caressed,

And in their shade, creatures find respite,

From scorching sun, and day's harsh light.

The rivers flow, with a gentle hum,

Their currents strong, their waters glum,

But on their banks, a vibrant scene,

With flowers blooming, and grasses green.

The birds take flight, in the open sky,

Their wings a blur, as they soar up high,

And in their song, a joyous sound,

That echoes through the air, all around.

The mountains stand, in grandeur and might,

Their peaks a snow-capped, stunning sight,

And in their valleys, a hush profound,

Where peace and calm forever abound.

Oh, nature's beauty, so wondrous and grand,

In every corner, of this vast land,

A tapestry of colors, of light and shade,

A marvel of creation, that never fades.

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