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Nature's Gift of Pure Harmony

The Symbolism and Significance of the Tree of Life in the Heart of the Forest

By Dony BahrudinPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Nature's Gift of Pure Harmony
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

The Tree of Life

Deep in the forest, there stands a tree Its bark is rough, its branches free It has seen many seasons come and go And weathered many a storm and snow

The tree of life, they call it so For it provides for creatures below Birds build their nests on its sturdy limbs And squirrels play on its bark, so dim

From its leaves, the breeze whispers a tune That the animals know will come soon The rustling of its branches fills the air And tells of the secrets that it bears

By Chris Lawton on Unsplash

The tree of life has roots that run deep Down to the earth, where they firmly keep The tree anchored to the soil below And the tree's strength will forever show

From its branches, the sunlight breaks through And touches the ground with a golden hue The leaves dance and sway in the gentle breeze And the tree sings its song with perfect ease

The tree of life has seen many things And it knows the truth that the forest brings It has seen the birth of creatures small And the death of creatures great and tall

By John Price on Unsplash

But still it stands, strong and true A symbol of life for all to view For as long as the tree stands tall The forest will continue to call

The tree of life, a testament to time A gift from nature, truly divine May it stand for many years to come And forever be the heart of the forest, its sacred drum

So let us cherish this tree so grand And all the life that lives in its land For the tree of life will always be The heart and soul of the forest, forever free

In its branches, we find our home And from its roots, we draw our strength to roam The tree of life, a symbol of hope And a reminder of the beauty of life's endless scope

By Viktoriya Venk on Unsplash

So let us gather round its trunk so wide And feel the magic that it provides For the tree of life will forever be The heart and soul of the forest, the very key.

And there it stands, the tree so grand The keeper of the forest, the heart of the land The tree of life will forever be A symbol of nature's pure harmony.

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