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Nature's Awakening

A Journey Through the Beauty of a New Day

By Michael Published 2 months ago 1 min read
Nature's Awakening
Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

In the morning mist, the world awakes,

As nature stretches, and earth shakes.

The sun creeps up, the sky aglow,

Colors bursting, with a radiant show.

The flowers bloom, the trees sway,

Nature's music begins to play.

The birds take flight, on wings so strong,

Their melodies, a soothing song.

The breeze whispers, through the trees,

A gentle touch, carried on the breeze.

The air is cool, and fresh and clean,

A new day dawns, with sights unseen.

Life starts anew, with each daybreak,

A chance to live, and love, and make.

The world is full, of endless wonder,

A journey we're on, to never ponder.

Embrace the day, with open heart,

And let nature's beauty, play its part.

For in each moment, lies the key,

To live life fully, wild and free.

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