Nature in Autumn

Little retrospective on nature during an Autumn.

Nature in Autumn

In one day, when it is sunny weather, I decide, I will go to find agate. It’s a stone, which is rare. In outside, it looks like an ordinary stone, but in inside it hides more colourful. For example, in nature, it is shadows of purple, brown or blue. I was walking to a park where it could be. It’s a place where many people including my friends found it there before. And there could be found many other rare stones like crystal.

I walked in, and on the way, there lied leaves in shadows of yellow, green, red or orange. I felt like in a different, magical world. It was autumn, but many plants were still green. A lot of trees still had green leaves, but some have new shadows, new colourful leaves. Yellow or red. But some trees don’t have any leaves or just a minimum of leaves on their branch. A few trees needed to cut their branches and twigs, but no one wanted to do it. In the background, I could hear wind how it played on the crown of trees with leaves and twigs. And there I heard birds. I wasn’t able to recognise which birds sing, but altogether it sounded fantastic and precious. All were in harmony.

Between the leaves on the path, I could still see green grass. In the grass, there grow some flowers. But somewhere grass wasn’t. There was a loom, and that seemed a little sad, like dead earth. But what made me glad, it was two grey squirrels played between trees. They were running, and probably they were looking for some food for winter, which will come quickly. Both squirrels looked happy to me, but I could not say it for sure. When they realised that, I observed them. They ran into the tree’s crown to hide.

I was continuing on the walk and searching for the agate. Then I came near to the river. It was small, maybe just rivulet. The water there seemed clean and transparent. However, I was worried if it was good and healthy. Nevertheless, I wanted to taste it. “No,” I told myself, “You are here for a different reason. You are looking for agate, no for sipping the clean water. It can seem fresh and healthy, but it could be dangerous for life.”  I had to leave it and continued in the searching. Close to rivulet, agates aren’t presented too often.

I keep in exploring. I checked every stone individually. There were many rocks, but no one was the agate. I became to feel under the weather. I hoped that I would have the same luck as my friends, but unfortunately not. Maybe I did something wrong. The truth was, that I was looking around me and observe nature then looking at the land and the time run fast, but I didn’t feel it. I planned to be here for only two hours, but I was there for around four hours.

I wasn’t able to find what I want, nevertheless, the autumn nature is spectacular. The colours, the smells. Everything makes me feel relax. And when I went out to the park, I have a great view of the sunset. The park was on the hill, and I can see the mountains and sun. Sun is behind them, and the sky was coloured on the gold and switched to red. Clouds were in a darker shadow of this colour.

When I am watching the sunset, I realise how the temperature went down. I began shivering in the cold. I wore just a soft jacket with nothing else. For that reason, I went home and the searching I left for another day.

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