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Natural Divers

Our Search for Oz

By Katrina ThornleyPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

We pretended to know

What tomorrow would bring,

The acceptance that the sun

Would shine and illuminate

A world we said we knew,

A world we designed

With perfect intention-

We pretended to know

Every moment mattered

Every breath important,

But we forgot.

We forgot our lungs,

Our hearts, our brains,

Our courage-

A false pretense

That we placed

In suits and shades,

An illusion created

To satiate the desire

For more, more, more.

We searched for Oz

Finding our yellow road

To be a dead end

To cliff face

Where we found

We had no answers

To the demands of the ocean,

The strangled trees,

Our depleting system.

We took a deep dive,


At the shedding of suits and ties,

Replaced by Nature’s covering

As we realized

We had no knowledge

Of this world

Birthed from our crooked fingertips.

Katrina Thornley is a nature poet and novelist that resides in Rhode Island. She has two poetry collections currently published, a novel, as well as a short story anthology. Her poetry collections "Arcadians: Lullaby in Nature" and "Arcadians: Wooden Mystics" were inspired by a local park and life in her small rural town. You can find them on Amazon now!

Be sure to check out her website and Etsy store as well!



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About the Creator

Katrina Thornley

Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author and poet. You can find Arcadians: Lullaby in Nature and Arcadians: Wooden Mystics on Amazon now. Her debut novel Kings of Millburrow is now available!

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  • Jimmy Butler4 months ago

    Your fingertips are not crooked yet. They work with your mind and heart quite smoothly. I enjoy how your thoughtfulness, observations, and values rise from your words with a wonderful aroma of real life.

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