My Stunning Centaur (*1)

An old original poem about a black college love.. and heartbreak, yet forgiveness

My Stunning Centaur (*1)
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Twins.. In love with the most beautiful centaur (*2)

Twin 1.. passionate, nurturing, heart-filled yet strong; Twin 2.. wild, free, & horny

My stunning centaur.. not a Divine 9 but the 9 represents a 9 so divine

We cherished that 9, hoping that 9 “M” would turn into 9 “Y” (and so on and so on) so that MY love would turn into OUR love but… shit happens (*3)

My stunning centaur runs angelically through our minds all the time (*4)

My stunning centaur.. 5”1’, alluring brown skin, cutest pointed nose and smile, the most captivating eyes, body of perfection that we couldn’t keep our hands off of.. (*4)

My stunning centaur.. so intelligent, enlightening, ambitious.. beautiful inside and out

My stunning centaur.. flawlessly full of flaws, but nowhere near enough of them for us to stop pursuing

My stunning centaur.. in her words.. “Lovely” (*5)

My stunning centaur.. loved so sublime by twin 1 that he catered to her every whim, big or small

This one he would do right, and not let anyone or anything blind him of his goal for her, no matter the circumstances; by first sight he knew.. she was the one

As twin 1 loves and adores the real inside of this admirable, tantalizing creature, showing her emotional love & support day in and day out, twin 2 is there to show her the greatest physical love and connection.

My stunning centaur.. loved so deeply by twin 2 that innovation was key when it was time to “Dive In” so she could let the “Neighbors Know My Name”

My stunning centaur.. an enticing fantasy in my eyes, and I in hers… and there was so much anticipation too, Songz couldn’t have named it better for us (*6)

Every encounter between the two was like David Blaine in a pornographic film.. magical, yet raw, nasty… Real nevertheless for the both of them because that’s what they enjoyed most

My stunning centaur.. what I would do, what WE would do, to just here those words from her, feel those emotions from her, see those actions from her that simply say… “I’m in love with you” but.. shit happens (*7)

Nevertheless, she’s still the best, I ever had, literally

She still will be all I ever want, emotionally & physically

Yes I am a man, a Man.. a MAN; I’m not a boy anymore

I appreciate the compliments I may receive from these broads

I appreciate the flirtations that could lead me to a variety of temptations but see there’s been a transformation..

Because I appreciate most the simple fact that sex indeed is not better than love, meaning they are not better than you

My stunning centaur.. has the hearts of twin 1 and twin 2 still to this day

I know its “2012” so we should be “making love like it’s the end of the world”.. like we used to

So much more love and orgasmic ecstasy to give and receive from each other

Forgetting you is hard to do,

Forgetting me is up to you,

Forget me not, forget me never,

But don’t forget… We’re great together

My PYT, My beautiful, My Lil Mama

My stunning centaur, she will always be

My stunning centaur is meant for me

My stunning centaur.. in her words, “Lovely” (*5)

I love u..

*1 – Centaur is the animal sign for Sagittarius (Her)

*2 – Twins represent a Gemini (Me)

*3 – 9 “M” means 9 Months, which is how long we dated; 9 “Y” means 9 Years; “M” + “Y” spells MY

*4 – “our” represents Twins (Me)

*5 – “Lovely” is one her favorite terms

*6 – “anticipation too”, “Songz” (Anticipation 2 by Trey SONGZ always reminds me of her)

*7 – WE represents twins (Me)

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