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My Star. My Wild One.

by Kristen Dutton 16 days ago in childrens poetry / children
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A mother's ode to her wild daughter.

My star. My wild one.

She loves to sing and dance and has so much spunk and attitude. If you are harsh with her you will find no more formidable and opponent. But if you are gentle, reasonable and patient with her she will comply with any request happily. She lives up to her name - Finley means 'Fair Warrior'. She will never suffer a fool unless they are a kind fool and then she will only do so out of respect of their kindness. She is sharp and perceives situations and body language accurately. She does things on her own and growls with glee when she accomplishes each new challenge.

My star. My wild one.

She is bright and bold and fearless and she fills me with great pride and joy.

My star. My wild one.

My daughter.

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About the author

Kristen Dutton

I am a thinker of many thoughts so many that they pour out my eyes, trickle from my ears, and spray out my nose! The best remedy for this "syndrome", is to write it all out instead. A much less messy release I must say.

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