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My Soul is a Lonely Highway

A poem written while driving across the country.

By Ruben De EscapadoPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Monument Valley. Two days of straight driving. Sleeping on rotation in the back seat. Young men, wild and full of fire, with their foot on the gas heading west. Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash sing in the wind. We were Highwaymen, shotgun wielding dharma bums.

We all know the lonely hallway.

Maybe it’s the shadow over the door.

The tired paint.

A break in aesthetic.

Unlocking the door.

Unlocking the mind.

The child gazes,

so vertigo may live

just below my ribs.

Despite the trampoline of my guts

I gaze--

The child gazes--

longing to explore this unknown.

Beyond the door.

Shivering with fear.

Explore at your own risk.

We cannot guarantee safety.

Things can’t be the same way they were before.

One day I twisted the nob,


I nap on tables

Swim in murky water

Stardust serpents reflecting in starlight.

Shakey hands of Night paint the moon on the river.

I am on the road.

Writing to you from beyond the hallway.

Yes—it is scary.

Yes—it is daunting.


Each stride pulls you further.

Further from who you were.

But beyond the hallway,

The carpets are replaced by blacktop.

Tired paint becomes pastures--

Becomes mountains

Twist the knob.

Twist the ignition.

There are clay canyons to be slept in.

Oceans opposite

To be walked through--

Swam through--

Floated upon--

A west rifle way displays

on the left

A sea of mountain green.

On the right

a sea of red refraction.

Nirvana has No Name, Colorado.

These waves reach over me

as I burrow further

and further

into my hallway.

Crescents collide

burying me in the sea of rubble.

Returning me to soil.

Soil from which I was birthed.

To be born again.

So, I write to you from beyond the door.

The door of many forms.

Beyond the lonely hallway--

Beyond the friend, you didn’t get to hug--

Beyond the person, you wished you loved--

I write to you,

to say,

"Twist the knob--

Twist it--

twist and don’t look back.

Until river reflections

show you that looking back

Is the hallway’s current flow."

The human condition

big sign--

white and gold--

On that viva Las Vegas strip.

Until we accept the hallway,

we can never see the Highway




About the Creator

Ruben De Escapado

Most know me as a poet sitting on a park bench in Central Park. Writing poetry for strangers. Before that I lived a life and learned a few things. Now I listen to what the world had to teach others. Believe in yourself and be honest. Okay.

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  • Mescaline Brisset2 years ago

    Wow! So eye-opening! "Until we accept the hallway, we can never see the Highway". Thank you, Ruben. Btw, great picture! Momentous, I gather!

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