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My Orange Chair

a poem

By Annie WoodPublished 10 months ago 2 min read
artwork by the author, annie wood

i call you from my orange chair

worn and faded

comforting and kind

a silent witness to my life

sinking in its buttery cloud

the soft cushion swallows me up

out the window my eyes drink in

the sight of the easy wind tickling the trees

on my orange chair i inhale

freshly washed bedding

vanilla lavender swimming in the air

it should calm me

but it doesn’t

the creak, creak, creak

of my rocking

the acid taste of my nightly merlot

eroding my tongue

this chair in the corner of my room

it’s the only one i call you from

out the window i watch

my favorite trees

oak and maple

confident and wise

fill me to my apple core

the sweet tart taste of maybe

i ask the trees, please share your strength with me

i catch the bird song

hopeful and true

i can feel it in my body

ripples of contentment

but only for a moment

until a breeze wipes the sense away

i ask the birds, please help me find the good

city birds have a lot to say

the birds don’t care this isn’t the country

they only see trees

and that’s enough for them

sometimes when we talk you sound fine

and i hang on every word

sometimes when you talk it’s otherworldly

Who is stealing your what?

You hear voices in the walls?

They’re coming for you?

Who is they?

crack, crack, crack

little by little i can hear the sounds of my

h e a r t b r e a k i n g

i call you from my orange chair

sinking in its buttery cloud

soft cushion swallows me whole

the birds aren’t worried about you

they don’t care this isn’t the country

they only see trees

and that’s enough for them

sad poetry

About the Creator

Annie Wood

I'm a neurodiverse Hollywood native who writes fiction, plays & poetry. A common theme of mine is embracing your youness by not following the fold. I am in perpetual motion.

+ TV/Film/VO actor & mixed media artist.

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