My Mother Hekate

(Short Poem)

My Mother Hekate

My Mother is tall and willowy,

Her hair is black like a raven's coat,

She smells like Patchouli Oil,

And her face shines like white gold.

With the Darkmoon above the crossroads

Over a Bowl I chant and sing

Hekate Hekate Mother

Please come and enjoy your feast

Eggs, Lavender and perfume,

Warm milk and the reddest of wines,

In my mind's eye I see her smile,

I listen to the hounds sing.

“Great Mother of the Underworld

Magnificent, fierce and divine,

Bless us and guide us to wisdom,

Protect us from all of our foes. "

Thank you Great Mother for your time

Patience and majestic pose,

As I walk back to my abode,

A warm feeling grows.

By Shareena Clarke

nature poetry
Autumn clarke
Autumn clarke
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