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My Love

by Sherah Mahaffey 5 months ago in love poems
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My soul’s love letter

A letter to my love

My love for you is like the ocean, it spreads far and wide

My heart beats for you, like a grandfather clock sways ticking right on time

My eyes they water, because my love pours over you like rain

My lips they reach for you, Any time you’re in pain

My hands were created to protect you, from things you might not always see

My feet were meant to walk to you, when transportation is obsolete

My arms were meant to hold you, when you have had a long day

My ears were meant to listen, when it’s your turn to speak

My skin was meant for your touch, and your touch only

My breath I use to whisper the love I have for you

My heart is meant to cherish this precious time we have

My brain a keepsake of memories I often store away

My actions meant to be pure, when it means I’m dealing with you

My anger does not contemplate

My sadness slowly dissipates

My happiness surely resonates

My soul only aches when it knows you can’t fathom, the love I have collected and placed in my hearts chasm

My love for you is like the ocean, deep and intricate; I’ll never get sick of you not even one bit.

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About the author

Sherah Mahaffey

I have always been a closet poet.

I love writing poetry, however I have never opened up to the world with my words until now.

Please feel free to read and enjoy, also tips are very much appreciated.💕

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  • Faith Webb4 months ago

    So talented, I love how you can write a poem so effortlessly and beautifully. Your so talented and amazing ❤💯🔥

  • Grace M. 5 months ago

    I admire this ! so many people wish they could put the amount of love they have for someone into words and find it difficult, but the way you can do it so effortlessly is astonishing ! 🥰

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