My Love Life Is a Shakespearean Play

by JL Palmer 5 months ago in love poems

For all the star-crossed lovers out there...

My Love Life Is a Shakespearean Play

We’re star-crossed lovers you and I

Too young to understand why

We must be kept away from one another.

What do you know of love?

Our parents shout, yet still above

Their chastisement we manage to see each other.

To see every inch of her body and her, mine

And to trace the curves of her body and every line

Of her face sends shivers down my spine and even further.

I will not adhere to my parents’ forebodings.

I do not tire of these lustful outings

For she is mine and I hers with every breath uttered.

But alas, our parents still fight to keep us away

And I am told that I must keep my feelings at bay

So much so that on that fateful night you found someone better.

I read about star-crossed lovers today in school

And I thought of you and how you made me the fool

Of every Shakespearean play even now that we are no longer together.

Yes, what a tragic ending for poor Montague and fair Capulet,

But I share in a tragic ending that is worse than even that

For I loved you so hard that nothing else mattered.

Then you proved our parents right and Shakespeare wrong.

That no matter how much I loved you and how long

I waited you lived your life unfettered.

Far better, I thought, to be dead from love of you

Rather than alive and bitter with who

You let in your bed and wherever.

But the world is a stage and we’re all just players

Living with cutthroats and naysayers

In a play that goes on forever and ever.

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JL Palmer
JL Palmer
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