My Love and My Life - A Poem and a Love Story

by Jason Giecek 6 months ago in love poems

A confession

My Love and My Life - A Poem and a Love Story

My life,

My love,

My heart,

My soul,

My everything,

My beautiful delight,

How I love you,

My shooting star,

Streaking through the sky,

You are everything that feels like home to me,

Everything that is my beauty,

Everything that is my life,

You asked me why,

And I say because,

You smile,

Then laugh,

Then say,

How could I be your everything?

You are scarred,

By several knives,

I try to be that which heals,

To clean those scars,

To be there,

For you,

And nobody else,

You are my everything,

My love,

My life,

My shooting star,

Across that sky,

To live inside my mind.

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Jason Giecek
Jason Giecek
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