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My Impossible Lover

by Leandra Hays 4 years ago in love poems
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Love You My Goddess

Photo by Mark Skeet on Unsplash

My impossible lover

You were a golden queen

walked among the living

as if there were no difference to be seen

Took in the lost and broken

gave them all you had

Some took, some stole

ripped from your generous hands

Now you have nothing left

My impossible lover

pray tell

what stars must I shot for

what spells must I chant

to get you to understand

there is no shame to be found

if you show your scars

and unleash all you are

my impossible lover

my broken queen

what did they do to bring you away from me

your heart malicious

you've turned arrogant and cold

but my love

the night is far from old

take a breath

and let it all go

love poems

About the author

Leandra Hays

Leandra is a melodramatic poet and musician. She writes about anything and everything she has knowledge on, and even things she doesn't! A fan of superfluous words, philosophy, and the darkness of night.

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