My Friend: The Sun

by Caitlyn Stultz about a year ago in nature poetry

Hello, Sun!

My Friend: The Sun

The Sun breaking from its hibernation,

I greet her, like a close friend back from a long vacation.

Hello, Sun!

Wanting to extract every opportunity offered by the lovely Sun,

I gleefully wear a bright yellow dress,

Opening the windows, letting out the stale air of winter past,

And bringing in the calm breeze.

I walk outside to find a familiar sight I had almost forgotten.

With my eyes, brown and wide, I see

Thankful sneezes from the ones suffering from allergies,

Two boys playing catch, dropping their baseball,

And laughing at their mistake.

People lying in their hammocks, lounging,

Carefree like a sloth in a tree who leisurely eats his leaves,

The sound of a radio, blasting a familiar tune;

I proudly hum along as I walk.

Today our worries go with the clouds,

Tucked away for another day

Because today, we can simply greet the Sun.

Hello, Sun.

nature poetry
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