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My first iPhone

I got YouTube-addicted

I got YouTube addicted

“My life’s gone”, I predicted

It’s an in-built app in Android

Had it have never been created,

Google’s income would stay near void

How to get rid?

On ‘Rooting’ is my bid

I contacted a gadgets freak

He said my device may brick

My Redmi is six months old

Actually planned to exchange it after it’s four fold

Will this plan mould?

I phoned my friend

Who’s a developer at backend

‘Buy an iPhone’ – His recommend

“Because here, YouTube isn’t an in-build”

But iPhone is an overspend

But still there’s hope

I immediately made a grope

Over the internet

Never made such an effort as yet

They looked cool

Roommate stammered, “You’ll…

err…buy it fool?”


I’m kind

“Father, father, buy me an iPhone”

I asked in a hesitant tone.

“Okay son, definitely.

Use it delicately”

What!!? Did he just say yes?

What a bless!

“I promise dad.

My studies won’t go bad”

“Don’t brag it off.

Take care”

“Sure dad.” Call cuts off

iPhone 11 is the latest

“But XR is perfect”, peers suggest





‘Ding dong’, I hear

I went near. “Who’s here? Courier?”

“Yes, please sign here”

Yayyy! My first iPhone!


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Nikhil Vemu
Nikhil Vemu
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