My favorite things

my favorite song is the discordant rhyme of a hushed cinema

My favorite things

My favourite things

my favourite song is the discordant rhyme of a hushed cinema

like a friendship lush in lies

like blood rushing to the fingers.

my favourite beach is where the freckled sand blushes

where oceans sway between hammocked eyelids

where a soft wind tousles grassed eyelashes.

my favourite place is a meadow flowered with freckles

where the blushing grains of sand have bloomed into tulips

where a soft wind sways our willowed tresses.

my favourite dream is the one where the sky is bruised

but she heals herself with hues and morning dew

and licks our shoes to make them warm.

my favourite person wears a skin of pale sky

freckled with a new star each day

and channels the limitless light of the sun.

my favourite words rest under a bookmarked tongue

between the slightly browned pages of teeth

beneath the roofless mouth of imagination.

nature poetry
Svetlana Sterlin
Svetlana Sterlin
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Svetlana Sterlin

Svetlana Sterlin lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she contributes to Our Culture Magazine and ScreenRant. Her work appears in Entropy, Santa Fe Writers Project, AndAlso Books’ 2018 anthology, ‘Within/Without These Walls’, and elsewhere.

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