My Favorite Kind of Flower

by Reid Moore about a year ago in love poems

Why was I so drawn to a certain type of flower in my youth? I finally figured it out.

My Favorite Kind of Flower
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Is it any wonder

I love certain flowers?

The sweet, musky fragrance

The delicate, secret folds

The way the petals caress my skin

And tempt my lips for a nibble

The silky yet firm texture

Which can handle

A bit of rough treatment

But responds more satisfyingly

To a gentle touch

In my adolescence

I knew not why I was drawn

To a certain kind of flower

The desire to hold it closer

And taste the sweet nectar

Oozing from within

Its aromatic folds

As it slowly

Yet eagerly

Opens wide

It was not until I met you

That I suddenly realized

Why I was so attracted

To the preferred flowers

Of my youth

It is because

Now that we are grown

And blossoming together

My favorite flower of all

Is yours...

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Reid Moore
Reid Moore
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