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My Demons

by Mr. Jax 3 months ago in surreal poetry
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Haunt me in the Nightmares

My Demons
Photo by Diana Fernandes on Unsplash

My Demons Why don't I hear your voice no more

Thou art so beautiful and poise, they bore

Holes in my heart to fill it with buds

Those cracks held together by the bloomed studs

Where have you gone now, I'm lone

They told me not to listen to you, they detest us both to the bone

You became distant, in my darkness no one there to calm

But Your sound was there, could repair any harm

Let's build our Eden and become entwined

Where I'm the queen, all my demons combined

They praise my worth and never insult

My demons taught me life, by embracing my scars, they too felt

My pain, they walked me through the rain

Without thinking or wanting any gain

They were there for me when times were hard

They protected me from all the harmful tard.


surreal poetry

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Mr. Jax

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