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My Conscience

by William aka "KLOWN" 2 months ago in surreal poetry

to say I'm normal is a compliment

My Conscience
Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

I've wished my life was whatever normal is

To not put major thought into the simple,

Just to be chill and make a decision sounds like bliss

But to break everything down causes mental unintentional trouble

Look at me, saying I am normal is like a compliment

Look in me you'll see the level of difficulty that is my brain

Rambling more than ever intended,

I don't try to but I know you're really thinking I'm mentally insane

Insanity, I feel it

Everything to be done so precisely

All bets are off when even slightly broken

People judging my struggles silently

Preaching to others to be different,

Really its just me fighting to live and feel normal

Not just feel, but actually be, just a real hard execution

Its my life, not life, I knew explaining this would be difficult

surreal poetry

William aka "KLOWN"

Unpolitically correct. Judged. I [poetically] write what others are often afraid to write.

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William aka "KLOWN"
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