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My City – The Phoenix

by Tiandra, aka theladypoet 2 months ago in inspirational

My Hometown

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Once known as a metropolis of dreams,

who would have thought this present-day nightmare

could bring this one town to its knees -

where grandmothers are trapped on their knees praying

for sons and daughters who live on their knees

dying for a quick fix.

There is no quick fix,

only terrors that mix with hope of those who refuse to leave -

who can’t afford to leave;

whose lives are woven into a grand tapestry of the

past that has started to wilt.

This once budding metropolis of success,

where there is a church and liquor store on every corner,

corners folks who still praise God for blessings amidst hell.

And so many leaders have said oh well when

this former metropolis tripped and finally fell into an abyss -

where people actually miss the safety of everyday;

now seemingly trying to avoid the seeing of someone’s

eye-to-eye meeting while walking down the street

as a potential life-ending occurrence.

This once famous metropolis of happiness,

for future Tops and Supremes who have fallen to those

who stopped caring about life,

is now infamous for not regarding all life and sadly,

many lives have sifted through the hourglass faster than

the sands of time.

Jesus, help this forgotten and forsaken population full of

love, history, and families

who continuously and steadfastly cherish this motor city –

A city that is more than what the news portrays.

A city that is more than the slanted politician’s ways.

A city that is more than the games casinos offer us to play.

A city that is more than the neighborhoods covered in the blood of those slayed.

There is no reason for those stains this city is painted in to remain any longer.

This city is rich in smiles, spirit, and song

industry, inspiration, and intelligence

potential, pride, and promise.

This once exciting metropolis of greatness, happiness, success, dreams

will once again be

if those who remain will see my city as more than a piece of land

that’s been a victim of rape, inequality, and injustice and plan to rebuild by hand

Detroit, Michigan, you will rise again from the ashes.


Tiandra, aka theladypoet

I am a published author of poetry and one memoir. I am a writer of short stories. I am a teacher, an editor, a proofer, and a creator. I hope you all like my work.

IG: theladypoetremix

wp: theladypoet.wixsite.com/eoan

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Tiandra, aka theladypoet
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