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My Beloved Poetry.

by Lionel Speaks 9 months ago in love poems

My Love.

My Beloved Poetry.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Wrap your arms...hold me close...

You’ve been here through thick and thin and back when I’ve needed you most.

My brain runs a million miles a minute....you somehow shuffle through the chaos and find these gems in it.

This cool wordplay is only second to what these words SAY. You came around and gave me a place to put this genius on display.

I took you for granted but those seeds my mom had planted sprouted into this....an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

This is how we stay connected, through an art form that’s been forever respected...You gave me a safe space....to create at my own pace....I can change someone’s day by placing a simple smile on their face.

I can go on for days but I’ll leave it right here...

love poems

Lionel Speaks

My purpose knew me long before I knew it.

I speak through my pen/keyboard.

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Lionel Speaks
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