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My Beautiful Venus

by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 17 days ago in love poems

A poem inspired by and for my Muse

My Venus

This is a poem inspired by the beautiful Television song β€œVenus” and this wonderful chorus

β€œHow I fell...

(Didja feel low?)

Nah. (Huh!?)

I fell right into the arms of Venus de Milo.”

And I fell into the arms of my Muse where I could stay forever.


You are my Venus , Rising from the Waves

Standing on an alabaster half shell

Your skin like the most perfect porcelain

My Ocean Queen, Now I’m under your Spell


My Venus de Milo, so beautiful

My Sea Princess, Goddess of our true love

You now have me spellbound, so wonderful

To hold in my heart , your spirit hereof


My Princess , My Goddess ,Rose From The Sea

Mermaids , Tritons For You My Ocean Queen

My Venus Rising, Beauty Uncompared

My Goddess of Love, My Prayer was heard

I am yours , I am always here for you

My love for you is eternal and true


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