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My Bailey, In My Words

by Danielle Tittle 4 months ago in inspirational · updated 4 months ago
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A poem to my best friend

From that first glance, I knew that you belonged with me

I thought you a want, but you became a need

With you there’s always comfort and serenity.

If the day has tugged at me, bugged me, and mugged me

Those golden brown eyes are there. They pierce my soul like it’s the deepest sea

People say you can’t speak, but I understand you day after day

You fill me with warmth and you keep the loneliness at bay

I see your commitment to me, through the ways that you stay.

Friendships in life have come and gone, leaving a complicated ache

But still you are there, by my side, when I go to sleep and ‘till I wake

You always give me what I need, you never even try to take

You manage to turn my cries straight into laughter

I feel you put me first and not after

A love so deep, do I feel, for someone that hasn’t been here long

You’ve taught me to care for another and made me feel like a mom

When I am home with you, there is peace, love, and comfort

My heart feels so happy to have you and to be without hurt.

From the second that tail wags, those ears perking up and alert

I know you are happy, even without a single word

Thank you for all the love and comfort you have given me, my sweet and beautiful Bailey.


About the author

Danielle Tittle

I am an avid puppy lover and enjoy playing video games and reading in my spare time. I have always felt like I could write but never put the effort towards it. I hope you enjoy my stories and I am always open to criticism.

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