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My Authentic Creative

by Wendi Beck about a year ago in inspirational
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My Authentic Creative

I can not lie to myself in my creative not even in my writing

So I can not lie to my readers or fans nor do I want to.

Perhaps my path is that of a disruptor

Then I wear that badge with transparent authority

No pen names with my fiction no pen names with my non fiction.

My brand in my creative outlets written or hand made will follow no outdated patterns or rules

They will follow my heart and soul only

It is the only way I can be.

I know most will not like it or understand it

They may prehaps hate and bash it because it does not follow some rule or ideal

That is thier issue not mine.

Disruptor creator writer eclectic soul and solo owner of this decision and authentic creative.

I happily own my stance as the Authentic Southern Creative Disruption.

This is me

This is my brand

Love or hate

It holds no bearing on me only you and your accepting or limiting belief and acceptance.

Authentic Southern Creative Disruption

Logic based creative outlet junkie

The Authentic Southern Creative Disruptor


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Wendi Beck

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