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by R.O.A.R. 8 months ago in performance poetry
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Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

I travel when I listen to music.

Far off worlds with Sleeping Suns and fields of paper flowers.

I watch an Imaginary Black Parade

in Otherlands where I have A Place For My Head.

Away from Strangers and far Distant Memories.

The Wolves cannot find me here. Though,

I can hear them.

Forty Six & 2 calling.

In the End, The Longing I have to Runaway

From reality is All Around Me.

In silence, I Carry On.

Stay a Prisoner of Society.


But, with music, I experience Wanderlust,

Delirium, a Grand Parade, a World of Stone.

I’m In My Zone.

performance poetry

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High school English teacher who enjoys writing as a hobby. I do hope to get published one day, but for now I'm just having fun and hoping to learn some new tricks.

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