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Mr. Morning Star / The Angel with 12 wings

by TGSOT about a year ago in fact or fiction
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Part (2/3) of "A Darkened Heart NFT" poetry collection.

Mr. Morning Star / The Angel with 12 wings
Photo by Huper by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

In both of your feet lie death and destruction

Your name must be mayhem

And your disciples anarchist

Everywhere that you go is left in ruin

The living made dead from the curse of your presence

The youthful turned old when you rob the essence of soul

What form will you take on today

What's written down on your schedule

What business do you have with the inhabitants of this world

Bending time and space

Reshaping the course of reality

Tricking me with fools gold that is nothing more than sweet fallacies

Oh, how clever you are Mr. Morning Star

Who's teachings consist of the alignment of stars

You wow and bedazzle with jewels and cars

But your heart is cold and blackened charred

Even your own shadow runs away from you but you love it all the much more

Tell me your plans of what you have in store

I know no matter the plot you aim to hollow my core

By Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Listen closely child,

I am who you speak of

12 wings when I'm standing over Beijing

My light and aura shine brighter than ray beams

The beauty witheld in such a being

Is a sight to be seen

Locked away for ages

Oh, how is it so freeing

To do what thou wilt

For that too is my teaching

Don't be fooled by the magnificence of my existence

I've come to claim all that belong to me

For I am the Prince of Darkness

And King of Lizards

Who's heart is ice cold

With a mind as vast as each end of the universe

And all that is inbetween

fact or fiction

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Poetry & creative writing based on having an unbiased perspective of perspectives. Spiritual Theories and Transformation of ones own consciousness.

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