Mr. Bumble Bee

A small joy I found while enjoying my morning coffee

Mr. Bumble Bee

What a joy it is to be

A bumbling tumbling honey bee

Filled to the brim with rich coffee

My cup over flow onto my seat

As I watch you honey bee

Sailing around, rather lightly

Flying above high and mighty

I wonder what it's like to be free

At all the sights to be found

You bumble bee, never touch the ground

Bouncing around petal to petal

Do you ever stop and settle?

How do you look like a kite?

Soaring above the soaring heights

Fluttering around with wings so fine

Bumping and jiving back to the hive

What a joy it is to see

My coffee cup so empty

A bumbling bee with many stripes

I love to watch as you take flight

nature poetry
A. C. Clementine
A. C. Clementine
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