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Poets in Motion

Move and Be Moved

by Jane Smith about a year ago in inspirational


Move and Be Moved

My life began again

When I made the first move

I had been stuck for so long

I had lost my groove

One step, two step,

Three step, four

That movement gained momentum

And opened a door

The doorway led me

Down the path to my destiny

That first step was the hardest

It took such courage

But now I feel blessed

I have found faith

If I hadn't moved

I may never have known

Or ever imagined

What I would have been shown

Got to keep moving now

I will no longer stop or stay still

My heart is telling me

This is God's will

The more I move

The more I achieve

The possibilities are endless

And I dare to believe

Life is amazing

Each day becomes brighter

The burdens of my past

Have even become lighter

My pathway is lit up

It is showing me the way

Enjoying my journey

By taking one more step every day.

Jane Smith
Jane Smith
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Jane Smith

I write my feelings, my secrets, my distress and my desires. All my stories are true. I have bipolar disorder so my life is like a thousand lives in one. Writing is therapy for me. I hope you enjoy my stories and poetry.

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