Poets in Motion
Poets in Motion


by Siena Dini about a year ago in art


Mt. Rainier by @sienadini on Instagram

do you feel the wind rush through your body?

touching your spirit?

kissing your soul?

do you feel the earth dancing with the pull of the moon?

i want to dance too—i want to follow you

i crave, and i move

always next to you

in your footsteps, in your wake, in the light of the stars

promises made in the sparks of firelight

to move with your dreams and to follow your love

that shines like a lighthouse in the horizon and beyond

i move across oceans, i dance across waves

moving through deserts, and forests, and lakes

to find you building kingdoms into mountains for me

moving constellations and planets for our home

i could dance forever—basking in your joy

singing to the heavens, our hearts filled to the brim

and we move to the sounds of the sea

to the sounds of the world surrounding

i move to the clouds—flying across the skies

touching the colors as the sun starts to rise higher and higher

until i am color too

blending in perfectly with the light shining against your skin

move your hand into mine


a golden age beginning throughout different galaxies

moving with us—through us

Siena Dini
Siena Dini
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Siena Dini

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