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by ParadoxFox 10 months ago in sad poetry
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A ninth-grade injustice that haunts

Photo by Brian Chan on Unsplash

was once new to the campus

grew stoic like Camus:

I got drugged on the campus

hungry, unthinking

by temptress was handed

cute cupcake laced with

more than just cannabis

got expelled, was mishandled

dumb, took what was handed

ate half, some more

a bad hand dealt, then bland mind

my eyes melt, abland sight

could not walk, I knelt

organs made hell, burning

couldn't tell

crawled to classes

made fifth bell, shut down senses

"friends" no help, false pretenses

dead smell, past tense was future

untensed, adopted death's aspect

mouth dense, it held all existence

stumbled through, slumped desk

sent to office, saw my eyes

slurred my words, he's high, yes

weakly said, "pleasss 'elp"

checked pockets, ripped backpack

destiny's clapback;

the gremlins took the prize beforehand,

so spared jail,

but also an ambulance, a negligence;

I shouldn't be alive

tox screen read

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sad poetry

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