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by Corrin Harris 3 months ago in nature poetry
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A Poem

Photo by Alessio Soggetti on Unsplash

Silence upon the mountain,

Its belly hums from the depths,

Its song is old and full of sadness.

So many colors and so many scars,

Always changing yet remaining the same,

ever beautiful, a goddess, a titan, a mountain.

A silent observer, and a keeper of secrets.

What wisdom does the mountain hide,

Like diamonds in the dark, waiting for the light?

I am strong like the mountain,

Rough like stone, sharp like obsidian.

If you break me, you risk blood.

Death upon the great mountain,

Is like the long sleep of winter.

Time is a blanket; darkness is a womb.

A doe gives birth in spring,

To a prince on wobbly legs.

A future mountain king.

A sacred source of sustenance,

For the creepers and the crawlers.

A mountain of provision.

A gateway to the stars and a place of rest.

Where ancestors meet the dying

To carry up the mountain.

nature poetry

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Corrin Harris

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