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Mountain's Majesty

A Poetic Ode to Earth's Eternity

By Raj’s VocalPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Mountain's Majesty
Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

Amidst the azure skies so high,

Where eagles soar and clouds brush by,

A sentinel of strength and grace,

The mountain stands in its sacred place.

Its rugged peaks, a crown of stone,

In silent grandeur, they have grown.

Majestic, ancient, timeless, tall,

A titan 'gainst the heavens' call.

Upon its slopes, the pines do cling,

Their needles soft as whispers sing.

In alpenglow, a fiery dance,

The mountain's heart, a wild romance.

The rivers flow, their voices free,

Carving valleys in jubilee.

Their crystal waters, pure and cold,

From snowy heights, a story told.

Through every season's ebb and flow,

The mountain stands, a constant show.

In winter's grip, it wears a shroud,

Yet, in the spring, it's kissed by cloud.

In summer's warmth, a haven sought,

For hikers, climbers, all are taught,

The lessons that the mountain shares,

Of resilience, and answered prayers.

When autumn paints with colors bold,

The trees ablaze, the world unfolds.

The mountain, in its silent grace,

Watches o'er this timeless space.

Oh, mountain, ancient, wise, and true,

We find our strength when gazing through,

Your towering peaks, your valleys deep,

A world of wonder, secrets keep.

So, let us hike your winding trails,

Through rocky passes, verdant vales,

And find in you, our spirits free,

A taste of earth's eternity.

In your embrace, we're small and grand,

Connected to this ancient land.

Oh, mountain, in your majesty,

We find our own serenity.

nature poetry

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