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Mother, Where is the magic?

Pause and Be.

By Orlaith ReevesPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read

My darling,

Where dew catches morning light

so the new day kisses you:

Delight in the tenderness - it is there.

Where a summer scent invites your attention

to see dancers on dragonfly wing:

Be guided by the pause - it is there.

Where the breeze moves gently for you and

passes clouds to kiss your sweat away:

Exalt in the sweet relief of gratitude - it is there.

Where song raises a tickling army

of hairs to demand your attention:

Feel the longing in your throat - it is there.

Where sand, mud, moss separate your toes

and life thrums beneath your sole:

Inhale the familiar yearning - it is there.

Where the night sky halts your hurry,

the stars calling just for you:

Surrender to the nearness - it is there.

Where a story burns your sleep

and art halts your breath:

Sense the angel landed - it is there.

Where a silken thread holds a rusty leaf

as a gift for the sweet air to waltz with:

Step into the enchantment - it is there.

When robin sings your favourite song

and the sun breathes sweetly on your arms:

The air in your sigh - it is there.

My beloved darling, it is everywhere.


About the Creator

Orlaith Reeves

Words can bring magic back to the ordinary.

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