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Morrigan Meeting Balor

by Jerald Dean 3 months ago in performance poetry
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In Time The Stitches Wane

The sweetness sickens solace,

In the resolve of all that's left.

We loved it, but we saw it -

Happening - suppressed.

Calloused fingers only play

When butterflies are in your chest.

Everyday's another day,

"I'm happy just staying depressed."

Triggers trigger every night - it's

All a taste of nothing solved.

Yesteryear will break your balance

It hushes light and bares your flaws.

I haven't played since my dreams sang -

I'm chained up by all that's been set.

She dances through my mind in rain

"It's funny, but I can't forget."

Suspend the world - the train - the wish

The thought so sweet it's bitter, yet

We question every word we dish -

Cause there's nothing like a just-regret.

Fingers play with threads they fray

An empty focus on regress.

We all go back to what feels sane

"I'll stay in bed. You do your best."

performance poetry

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Jerald Dean

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