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Morning Holy Water

by Blank Fairwind 2 years ago in sad poetry
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Missing Her

Lost memory, think I died

Wake once, oh still alive

Wake twice, thrice

Maybe I’ll get up this time

The Night starts to haunt the mind

Cry twice, thrice

Alright, I’ll stumble out of bed

Brain squeezed rhythm red

Ankles tight, emotions dead

Mirror shows me sick, depressed

Shake it off, get dressed

Hungry, thirsty, waste of flesh

I need my morning Holy Water

Missing her

Missing her



Time to do life, devoid of will

Daunting trudge of the ill


Sunken sad and unhealthy

Jokes on me, return me to reality


Yet ever present on my mind

Wondering why I’m left behind

Aching for that lost peace of soul

Both regretting and longing for

Less feeling taking a toll

Distracted, self medicated hell

My decisions are why I fell

I need my morning Holy Water

Missing her

Missing her



The morning promises of healing

Seem hardly truth when feeling

Like death is a far better lover

Or at least more permanent together

These words seem a martyrs crux

Yet they are my heart's own reflux

The spilling over of my pain

And expelling how I take the blame

I am no longer me

I lost that when I gave my love

I am with her no longer

Again I am hollowed and bore

Morning Holy water, make me forget…

Missing her

Missing her



sad poetry

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Blank Fairwind

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