Moon Gazing

A Poem Inspired by U2's "Mysterious Ways"

Moon Gazing
Cat Painting - Family Moon Gazing Night by Laura Iverson

Why do I love the moon so?

Well, my friend, she eases the racing mind

And calms the adrenaline of the beating heart

Opening the way to great reflection in absolute serenity.


She engulfs us in her mystical trance, soothing our aching souls

Relieving them of any troubling emotions that had once bedecked us.

A meditation to rejuvenate our spirits to immaculacy

May now commence, for the cool mist of autumn has clouded

This gentle landscape of harvest colours.


What is that gleaming light, which surpasses the beauty

Of all Earth’s precious gems?

It must be her, who serves as nature’s peaceful satellite, ready to break twilight.

Hush now, for here she rises to brighten up our nights

With her luminous energy, as the sun chases the horizon!

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Mimo le Singe
Mimo le Singe
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