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by Sarah Massey 10 months ago in inspirational

Personification poem of life, death and the time in-between.

Week 6 of Inktober 52. Prompt: Monster. Created by me.

It has many forms in our lives.

Hardly appears the same way twice.

It stands still as held breaths and sighs

It can be a cruel creature, or it can be nice.

It gallops when young and carefree.

It crawls and aches when withering old.

It is never what we desire it to be.

It is fickle, and rarely does what it is told.

It brings us precious gifts to treasure.

It brings us joy and brings us pain.

It brings us sorrow without measure.

We borrow it and hope for gain.

Once it leaves it will never come back,

But more of it will soon come to you.

For more of it you will always lack.

You will find a way to make it do.

This monster Time is good at theft.

It takes, and takes, and takes again.

This monster Time, however, is no thief.

Let’s go back when Time began.

Time was there when you were born,

It gave you and family a day to celebrate.

Time was there when memory formed,

It was so glad, Time could hardly wait.

Time was there when you began to talk

It gave you memories of words and sound.

Time was there when you began to walk.

With your Time, a companion was found.

Despite its flaws, it is a companion.

Time is a keeper. We are the ward.

Like it or not, it is our champion,

To hand us memories like awards.

When we arrive at our last breath,

Time is there to help us face death.

Time ages with us, and there is no going back.

What we lose with age, Time takes up the slack.

Time hands us memories of all the good days,

And all the bad ones it hides in a foggy daze.

Time is not a thief, but a friend tried and true.

When your death comes, Time will carry you.


Sarah Massey

Sarah is an animator and short film director at the birthplace of Route 66 Springfield, Missouri. A graduate of Drury University in the class of 2020, Sarah is published two fiction short stories in Drury’s Literary Magazine, Currents.

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Sarah Massey
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