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Monsoon Rain's melodic Symphony

A monsoon kiss

By AjrPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the realm where clouds collide,

Where heavens weep, their tears abide,

A symphony of drops descend,

As monsoon rain begins to blend.

From somber skies, the gray cascade,

A watery veil, nature's serenade,

With rhythmic patter, it softly sings,

A dance upon earth, as nature springs.

Upon the thirsty soil, it alights,

Quenching the land with pure delights,

Each droplet, like a diamond's gleam,

Reviving life from dormant dream.

In whispering trees, a joy awakes,

As nature's thirst, the rain slakes,

Leaves glisten, in emerald hue,

Under the touch of rain's debut.

The fragrance of petrichor fills the air,

A sweet aroma, beyond compare,

Earth's perfume rises, intoxicating,

Nature's love, forever captivating.

A rhythmic melody on rooftops plays,

The pitter-patter in varied ways,

On windowpanes, the raindrop's grace,

A tranquil lullaby, a soothing embrace.

The birds take shelter from the storm,

Their chorus hushed, a moment's dorm,

Yet in their hearts, a joyful sound,

For in the rain, new life is found.

As rivers swell with liquid might,

The monsoon's gift, a wondrous sight,

Nature's canvas, painted with care,

A masterpiece of rain and air.

So let the monsoon rain embrace,

Each blade of grass, each living space,

In this wet symphony, let us rejoice,

And heed the rain's melodious voice.

For in its tears, a blessing lies,

Renewing the earth, beneath the skies,

A monsoon's kiss, a gentle caress,

Unveiling nature's eternal finesse.

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